Deputy McCully Announces Bid to Replace His Boss, Sheriff Taylor

Updated: Jan 10

Deputy McCully Announces Bid to Replace His Boss, Sheriff Taylor.

For Immediate Release: January 6, 2020

Contact: Mike McCully, 405-538-5600

(Oklahoma City) - Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike McCully (Republican-Oklahoma City) today formally announced his candidacy for Oklahoma County Sheriff, to replace current Sheriff P.D. Taylor.

McCully, a longtime law enforcement officer, vowed change. He said, “As a career law enforcement officer in the trenches, I will restore integrity and transparency to the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.”

Among changes he would make in the Sheriff’s Office, McCully listed the following:

1. Establish a fair and transparent system for hiring and promotion of employees. “For too long, advancement at the Sheriff’s Office has been based on being a crony of the Sheriff, or doing his political bidding. That creates low morale among those of us rank-and-file Sheriff employees. That must end.”

2. Establish better relations with other elected officials, community leaders, and the media. “It is embarrassing that under P.D. Taylor, the Sheriff’s Office received the dishonorable ‘Black Hole’ award from the Oklahoma Freedom of Information group recently. The Sheriff constantly fights with other elected officials and community leaders. He lost control of the jail because he would not listen to others who offered constructive criticism of his leadership, and even attacked other decision-makers in public.”

3. Cooperate with federal ICE immigration officials. “It is shameful that alone among the 77 Oklahoma Sheriffs, P.D. Taylor refuses to honor 48-hour ‘detainers’ on illegal aliens issued by federal ICE immigration officials. ICE publicly criticized P.D. Taylor as a “Sanctuary” Sheriff when Taylor released a rapist, illegal alien from El Salvador, despite a 48 hour ICE detainer. Oklahoma County Sheriff's employees are ashamed of our Sanctuary Sheriff, P.D. Taylor. Oklahoma County must join the other 76 Oklahoma Sheriffs who cooperate with ICE detainers.”

McCully has been a law enforcement officer since 1980. He is married, with two children.

McCully attends New Beggining Church in Oklahoma City, and is a member of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association.



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