Elect Mike McCully for 2A Sanctuary in OK Co.

Deputy Michael McCully (R) is a candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff and has declared his intent, if elected, to join over 25 other Oklahoma sheriffs by declaring Oklahoma County a "2A Sanctuary". McCully has vowed to carry with him his letter of intent (pictured above) and sign it as his first order of business when sworn in as Oklahoma County's next sheriff.

In December of last year, the nation watched as Virginia patriots banded together to defy their treasonous and tyrannical Governor Ralph Northam. After his election in November and with Democrats dominating both chambers of the VA state legislature, Governor Northam delivered on promises to molest the Second Amendment rights of his citizens/subjects. In response, several cities and counties passed “2A Sanctuary” policies, prohibiting the use of public resources to deny law abiding citizens their Constitutional rights.

(Guthrie, Oklahoma) - Wednesday, February 12, 2020 Sheriff Damon Devereaux declared that his county would be a “2A Sanctuary” and any unconstitutional violations of his citizens’ Second Amendment rights would not be tolerated.

Deputy McCully is a U.S. Navy veteran, long time law enforcement officer and currently a full time deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office. He is seeking to replace his boss, Sheriff P.D. Taylor citing complaints of possible corruption and serious mismanagement.

"There is a swamp in Oklahoma County; we need a sheriff who serves with honesty and integrity to drain it." - Deputy Michael McCully



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