Updated: Mar 13

(Oklahoma City) - Sheriff P.D. Taylor and the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) took an extraordinary step on Wednesday, firing Taylor's challenger for the Republican nomination to be Oklahoma County's next Sheriff. Deputy Michael McCully, formerly of the OCSO, was terminated citing unspecified "instances of misconduct" despite not having a single write up or disciplinary action on file. Not only are there no recorded violations or reprimands on McCully's record with the OCSO, but none with any of the many, various police departments or sheriff's offices Mike has previously served with. Michael McCully is guilty of one thing only; Whistleblowing.

As a deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, McCully witnessed first hand the problems and mismanagement that have plagued OCSO and the Oklahoma County Jail. As a candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff, McCully was being far too vocal for the OCSO FOP 155 and Sheriff P.D. Taylor to tolerate. When attempts to silence Deputy McCully by revocking his FOP membership failed, Sheriff Taylor took matters into his own hands and terminated McCully as of 03.11.20. A lawsuit was filed in response to the OCSO FOP 155's actions regarding McCully's fraternal membership and that lawsuit is clearly the reason for Deputy McCully's wrongful termination. The relationship between Sheriff P.D. Taylor and the OCSO FOP 155 is both innapropriate and incestuos. He protects them, they protect him, if you get in their way, you get rail roaded.

You can volunteer for Mike's campaign at Now, more than ever, Mike NEEDs your help. PLEASE GOT TO SHERIFFMCCULLY2020.COM AND DONATE NOW! If the citizens, taxpayers and Republicans of Oklahoma County want to see Sheriff P.D. Taylor replaced in 2020, WE MUST SUPPORT CANDIDATES AND WHISTLEBLOWERS like Michael McCully, Sheriff McCully 2020!



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