My name is Deputy Mike McCully and I’m running for Sheriff of Oklahoma County.

Hello. My name is Deputy Mike McCully and I’m running for Sheriff of Oklahoma County.

I want the jail trust and the Oklahoma County Sheriffs’ Office to work closely together throughout my term/s as sheriff. I will provide guidance, training and any other help as requested. All involved Oklahoma County agencies that use our jail must strive to make our jail system safe for the staff and inmates. My department will assist all services of this county and country without hesitation when called upon.

My predecessor's administration cultivated ill will within our department towards the newly formed jail trust and the county officials affiliated with it. When I am Oklahoma County's Sheriff, my deputies and staff will know the information passed to our deputies and staff by Sheriff P.D. Taylor and the FOP 155 was misleading and malicious. I will repair the damage that has been done to OCSO's relationship with Oklahoma County's elected officials under Sheriff P.D. Taylor and the OCSO FOP 155. I met Mr. Greg Williams, the new jail administrator, as he entered the courthouse to attend a meeting recently. I found him to be very personable. I look forward to working with him as we both serve Oklahoma County's citizens and taxpayers in the coming years.

I am excited to hit the campaign trail! I am so looking forward to meeting as many Oklahoma County residents as possible. We will be having a meet and greet in a neighborhood, city or town near you soon. I am excited about the information that I have to share with you.

I hope to see you all soon. Keep up with me and my latest messages on my website In 2020, lets really improve Oklahoma County law enforcement services by electing Deputy Mike McCully as Oklahoma County's next sheriff.



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