Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office in Trouble: State & Federal?

On December 14th, 2019, a longtime and well liked deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office, Michael Mccully, announced his intentions to replace Sheriff P.D. "Sanctuary City" Taylor. To a cheering crowd of conservative Republicans and activists, McCully leveled allegations of corruption and a "good ol' boy" system within the OCSO and the accompanying union lodge, OCSO FOP 155. Unions like the OCSO FOP 155 have drawn heavy criticism across the county recently for protecting bad officers and administrations.

In the video below, McCully claims to seek the support of "his fellow FOP members, but not that of the OCSO FOP 155 itself," citing concerns that the leadership has "become a significant part of the problem," within the department:

Shortly after McCully began attending local town halls and publishing videos via his campaign website @, he started experiencing an unprofessional level of harassment while on duty at the Oklahoma County Courthouse.

Eventually, this bullying climaxed in form of a letter from the OCSO FOP 155 threatening to revoke McCully's membership. In the letter

(pictured below) the OCSO FOP 155 specifically refers to McCully's campaign activities as the catalyst.


In an effort to preserve the professional liability insurance provided him as a member and be able to continue his campaign, Deputy McCully filed a lawsuit asking that an Oklahoma County judge intervene. Included in his request for an immediate injuction was McCully's concern that Sheriff Taylor would terminate him for resisting the union leadership at OCSO FOP 155... the "good ol' boys" as it were.

Despite excellent evaluations recorded as recently as January of 2020, Deputy Michael McCully was terminated after 15 years of service with OCSO. What was Sheriff Taylor's explanation for Deputy McCully's firing? Unspecified "instances of misconduct".


The aforementioned lawsuit was withdrawn, as it is no longer relevant, but Ex-Deputy Mike McCully is not tapping out. When asked McCully responded, "I made a commitment to expose the corruption and back slapping at that department and that is exactly what Sheriff McCully 2020 will do for Oklahoma County."

The Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office was harshly criticized for the ambiguous circumstances of McCully's termination. OCSO's PIO and an Assistant District Attorney responded later insisting McCully was regularly insubordinate and even a racist. Interstingly enough, ALL of the occurences presented to those ends seem to have occured AFTER McCully announced his candidacy to replace his boss, P.D. Taylor.

On Wednesday, with just 20 days until the Republican primary on June 30th, McCully's attorneys have given notice to three Oklahoma County entities that they intend to bring a tort claim against the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office for a number of civil rights violations. What was served this week was an Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claim pursuant to 51 OS 151 which is a part of the administrative process for filing suit against the government. It satisfies statutory notice requirements of McCully's claims that fall under state law. The County has 90 days to respond to this claim. In regard to his potential federal claims, McCully's attorneys are in the process of preparing claims for filing with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

"It's un-American to fire someone for running a campaign and my attorneys think it is unconstitutional." - Ex-Deputy Mike McCully

McCully says his focus is still on the campaign trail and he's letting the attorneys do their job:

"We've still got Oklahoma County taxpayer money being spent in other counties to outfit the vehicles for our own Sheriff's office. What sense does that make?! Let's spend our tax money here, not somewhere else, with the people who support us."

Other improvements McCully hopes to make are:

1. Establish a fair and transparent system for hiring and promotion of employees. “For too long, advancement at the Sheriff’s Office has been based on being a crony of the Sheriff, or doing his political bidding. That creates low morale among those of us rank-and-file Sheriff employees. That must end.”

2. Establish better relations with other elected officials, community leaders, and the media. “It is embarrassing that under P.D. Taylor, the Sheriff’s Office received the dishonorable ‘Black Hole’ award from the Oklahoma Freedom of Information group recently. The Sheriff constantly fights with other elected officials and community leaders. He lost control of the jail because he would not listen to others who offered constructive criticism of his leadership, and even attacked other decision-makers in public.”

3. Cooperate with federal ICE immigration officials. “It is shameful that alone among the 77 Oklahoma Sheriffs, P.D. Taylor refuses to honor 48-hour ‘detainers’ on illegal aliens issued by federal ICE immigration officials. ICE publicly criticized P.D. Taylor as a “Sanctuary” Sheriff when Taylor released a rapist, illegal alien from El Salvador, despite a 48 hour ICE detainer. Oklahoma County Sheriff's employees are ashamed of our Sanctuary Sheriff, P.D. Taylor. Oklahoma County must join the other 76 Oklahoma Sheriffs who cooperate with ICE detainers.”



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