Sheriff McCully 2020

Updated: Jan 10

Deputy Michael "Mike" McCully was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After attending Oklahoma City Public Schools and earning his degree in Business Management from Oklahoma City Southwestern College, Mike has lived a life of Service with Integrity. Serving his city, county, state and this great nation, Deputy McCully has worn many uniforms; Deputy, Officer, EMT, Firefighter, "Doc" (NAVY Corpsman) are just a few of them. Mike is a man of faith, loves his family and neighbors, attends New Beggining Church in Oklahoma City and gives glory to G-d through his son Jesus Christ.

Deputy Michael "Mike" McCully is a veteran of the United States Navy, serving nearly nine years with OKC's own US Marine Corps. artillery unit, Fox Battery 2nd BN 14th Marines. Deputy McCully was charged with the well being of as many as eight other Navy Corpsmen and 150 Marines. "Doc", which Marines are accustomed to calling their Navy Corpsman, is among the titles Mike has been most proud to hold. Mike is also a veteran of numerous police departments and sheriff's offices, including the Oklahoma County Sherriff's Office for ten years as a reserve deputy and 5 years as a full time deputy.

Deputy Michael "Mike" McCully will serve the citizens and taxpayers of Oklahoma County with Service and Integrity. Deputy McCully is running to be Oklahoma County's next Sheriff to give hope to OCSO's deputies and staff, restore faith in the office of the Oklahoma County Sheriff and rehabilitate the work enviroment within the department. Mike seeks to promote merit, work ethic and vision rather than backslapping and the "Good Ol' Boy System". It's time to drain the swamp in Oklahoma County. Sheriff McCully 2020.



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