McCULLY FIRES BACK: "Folks, welcome to the swamp in Oklahoma County."

Hello, Oklahoma County and the Great State of Oklahoma. I hope that all is well with you and your loved ones and that we get past all the virus limitations soon.

I became a public figure when I announced my intention to run for Oklahoma County Sheriff in December of 2019 and knew that I would face many challenges before the June 30th primary elections. Our campaign is not impressed or detoured by the swamp's attempts to misdirect and misinform the good people of Oklahoma County. We will press on!

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Sheriff P.D. Taylor did not appreciate the efforts of this campaign to inform you, the tax payers of Oklahoma County, about the mismanagement and malfeasance of Sheriff Taylor’s administration. Sheriff Taylor has attempted to silence me, via termination and character assassination. On March 11th, I was terminated for -- “unspecified instances of misconduct” –with no further explanation. I was escorted out of the building, but did not even make it to my car before a reporter called me asking for a statement about my termination. I asked how he found out and I was informed that it was “all over” the courthouse, though it had just happened less than 5 minutes prior.

>>> McCULLY ANNUAL EVAL >>> review @ 00:04:11 <<< SEE VIDEO BELOW <<<

(This EVAL is dated dated 1-6-2020)

This reporter, who happens to be Sheriff Taylor’s go-to guy at the Oklahoman, cited an assistant district attorney’s claims that I had used the “N” word several times and was being terminated for insubordination and racism.

Folks, welcome to the swamp in Oklahoma County. For several years now, I have greeted more than 1500 taxpaying citizens of this great state each day while performing my duties at the Oklahoma County Courthouse. Not a single complaint of racism has been made against me, nor have I been disciplined for any “instances of misconduct”; supposedly, until I declared my candidacy and started campaigning to replace Sheriff P.D. Taylor. Does this look familiar to anyone? Who else can you think of that suddenly became a terrible, racist when he ran a campaign on draining the swamp?

Tommie Johnson III and Sheriff McCully 2020

I have one question for the 800,000 citizens of Oklahoma County: If I had ever used the “N” word, or any racial slurs, why was I not terminated on the spot? I would have deserved to be. Why wait until this campaign begins publishing embarrassing information about the current administration?


In order to silence me, the sheriff's office went to the the old trusty standby -- racism. The residents, voters and especially my fellow Republicans here in Oklahoma County can see right through this nonsense. In fact, Sheriff Taylor was recently blistered by criticism from the Oklahoma County Republican Party for his administration's many failures.

I was an excellent deputy according to my evaluations at the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office until January 2020, just after I announced I was running for Sheriff. I am going to show you my last annual evaluation and it speaks for itself. Lets go over it.

(This EVAL is dated dated 1-6-2020)

>>> McCULLY ANNUAL EVAL >>> review @ 00:04:11 <<< SEE VIDEO ABOVE <<<

Nothing about any wrong doing or not understanding my job responsibilities. No "unspecified instances of misconduct". Furthermore even, according to the evaluation, I am a good influence on other deputies.

Help EX-deputy Mike McCully #DrainTheSwamp in Oklahoma County!

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